News Round-up 10/6/14 Edition

Exciting New from NYCC, Fantasy Flight, AEG games, and Plaid Hat Games.

Headed to NYCC? Then Design a Board Game with the Pixel Academy

On Saturday Oct 11th from 12:45 PM – 1:45 PM in room 1C03 Pixel Academy will be running a workshop to help you develop you own board game. You will receive a playable prototype of your game and detailed plans for 3D printing or laser cutting the game pieces at the Pixel Academy. This is a fantastic opportunity for new game designers.


Announcing Two New Madness Inducing Expansions from Fantasy Flight Games.

Fantasy Flight Games has announced that they will be releasing an expansion for Elder Sign called Gates of Arkham and a sideboard expansion for Eldrich Horror called Mountains of Madness.

Gates of Arkham will allow players to explore outside of the museum with classic locations such as Hibb’s Roadhouse, Velma’s Diner, and the Curiosite Shoppe, all of which should be familiar to fans of Elder Sign’s big brother, the wildly successful Arkham Horror. Players will also be able to pick up persistent skills that will aid them until their character dies or flails their way into madness.

Mountains of Madness invites players follow to search for a lost expedition that vanished in the Antarctic. What will they find there? Well it won’t be rainbows and kittens, thats for sure. Mountains of Madness come with a new board, encounter cards, and more. Check out the exciting deltails on the Fantasy Flight site.

Gates of Arkham is theoretically due out in early 2015 and Mountains of Madness in Dec 2014 and we couldn’t be more psyched.

arkham   EH03-boxright


The Trains GenCon 2014 Map is available to download

At Gencon this year, AEG games gave out the Saitama and Texas maps for Trains during the Big Game Night. The maps are intended for 2 player games and have now been made available for your downloading pleasure. You can grab a copy here.


Plaid Hat Games Releases New Preview For Summoner Wars Alliances

Plaid Hat has been releasing previews of the news cards for Summoner Wars Alliances. You can check out some of the Jungle Shadows units including the Stalker, Satara, and a couple of the powers. You can read more on the Plaid Hat site.


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