News Round-up 10/20/14 Edition

After our brief hiatus Gamosity is back and the news is piling in! The Wizards of the Coast have cast aside their cards to summon in a whole new way. Galaxy beware, the scoundrels of the universe are getting their due in X-Wing. Last, but not least, Hasbro tries once again to make a hit film based on a board game (though sadly, we’re all still going to have to wait on that Connect 4 quadrilogy).

Check out the new Magic the Gathering Board game, X-Wing Expansion, and the Ouija movie!


A ‘Magic: The Gathering’ board game is on its way
Wizards of the Coast has announced they will be releasing a board game version of their very popular card game: Magic the Gathering. The game will be a 2–5 player strategic area control game with miniatures on a customizable board.

Being a recovering MtG player myself, this does not bode well. The demo versions of the miniatures look really cool and with the release date still a year away they can only make them better. I’m going have to buy a whole new display case just for this game.

The game is set to hit stores in fall of 2015, so warm up your planeswalking skills because this looks like it’s haping up to be pretty awesome!
mtgFrom: Announcing the Magic: The Gathering Strategy Board Game

Fantasy Flight Previews their new X-Wing expansion pack!
The ‘Most Wanted’ x-pac for X-Wing is the sixth expansion in the series and introduces the Scum and Villainy faction as well as two new types of upgrades, the Illicit upgrade and the Salvaged Astromech upgrade. This expansion lets you use high-risk, high-reward tactics to become the most shifty-eyed, villainous pilots in the universe.

After riding the Star Tours ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios last week I’m all hyped up on stormtroopers and TIE fighters. Bring on the galaxy’s scum!


Check out all the details on the Fantasy Flight Blog.

From: The Galaxy’s Most Wanted, Part One

Ouija The Movie coming out this week
Just in time for Halloween, Universal is coming out with their horror movie, Ouija, based on the classic board from Hasbro. The film was shot on a fairly low budget and has cast of new actors including Olivia Cooke form The Signal (2014) and Douglas Smith of Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013). Ouija follows the tale of a group of teens who are being terrorized by the spirits they unleash though playing with a Ouija board.

Some other board game movies such as Clue and Battleship have seen varying degrees of success (and failure). Will Ouija just be angry-parent-picketing fodder against the evils of using a piece of cardboard to contact spirits from beyond or will it actually pull off being a genuinely fun and terrifying experience? I’m not holding my breath, but I’m willing to give it a watch. What do you guys think?



We shall find out on October 24th when the movie is released!

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