10/27/14 Edition

jessmHi everyone!  Last week our news included board game movies. This week it’s all about T.V.!  No, sadly we’re not getting that Castle ‘Witty Banter Simulator’ board game I’ve always wanted, but this week’s announcements are still darn cool!  Come check them out!


Oooooh Shiny! Firefly Tall Card Game Now Available For Pre-Order

Hey Browncoats! As seen in episode four of the super popular show Firefly, soon you too will be able to play Tall Card, where you wager your chores in a poker style card game (presumably you’ll be able to wager whatever you want, but authenticity to the source material demands playing for chores, in our opinion). Toy Vault has advertised a copy complete with over 45 cards, including the titular Tall Cards and 50 additional cards with which to create your own games.
I’ll just don my Jayne hat, wager cleaning the litter box, and TAKE MY MONEY TOY VAULT!!!


Tall Card is only $19.99 from Entertainment Earth and is set to drop into our ‘Verse around February 2015.


In More TV Show to Board Game News…

GaleForce Nine Announces Homeland: The Game

GaleForce Nine, makers of Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem and Firefly: The Game, have announced that they will be releasing their next title Homeland: The Game in the first quarter of 2015. The game puts you in the shoes of CIA analysts as they fight the rising tide of global terrorism. Homeland: The Game uses your paranoia against you with hidden roles and agendas. The game plays 3-6 players against each other in a struggle to stop attacks and save the nation.

I’ve never actually watched Homeland, but I’ve heard great things about the show. If the game really runs on paranoia and uses it to good effect like The Resistance or Shadows over Camelot do, then it should be a fun time!



It is super exciting that as board games grow in popularity in America (we’re still catching up with Europe), there are beginning to be so many more crossovers with popular media. Homeland the Board Game and Firefly’s Tall Card join a long list of enjoyable games based off TV shows including Bravest Warriors, The Walking Dead, C.S.I., and My Little Pony. Personally, I’m holding my breath for an amazing Hannibal board game. What?  I like a man who knows how to cook.

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