11/24/14 News Round-Up




jessmThis week there are some winners and some… wait a minute, they are all winners! Check out the new Settlers of Catan National Championship Qualifier, The Gamecrafter’s Time Challenge, and a new Smallworld expansion coming soon.

Mayfair Games Congratulates New Qualifier for The Settlers of Catan National Championship.

During the Chicago Toy & Game Fair, Azrael Spear won the The Settlers of Catan National Championship US Qualifier. The next round of competition will be held at Gen Con 2015 and if his competitors are right, Azrael Spear will be a force to be reckoned with!

He has the mind of a computer. My fiance and I played against him and he literally memorizes what cards everyone has and it’s nuts! I hope I don’t have to play against him next year LOL.” – Competitor, from the Mayfair Games Facebook page.

From: http://www.catan.com/for-fans/catan-championships

jessmCongratulations to Azrael Spear! May you rock the world with your Crazy Catan Skills.


The Gamecrafter’s Time Challenge is down to the semi-finalists!
The Gamecrafter has been running a contest for reader to design a resource management game where time is your resource. The winner of the contest will receive an automatic Showcase status on the Gamecrafter.com, 100,000 crafter points, $50 of shop credit on thegamecrafter.com, An opportunity to judge the next contest, A free copy of the game will be sent to The Gamers’ Table for an official review to be featured on an upcoming episode, and they will be inducted into The Game Crafter Hall of Fame. Check out their list of semi-finalists to see who might win!

Days of Wonder’s A Spider’s Web, new expansion for Small World, is coming soon.
Smallworld, will be getting bigger soon. Playdek announced in September that their newest expansion will be coming out this month. Many online retailers have the game in preorder. The expansion comes with three new races with leader tokens (Ice Witches, Skags and Slingmen) and three special powers (Copycat, Lava and Soul-Touch).The retail price should run you $15.
I love Smallworld. It is a fast, fun strategy game where you only have a limited amount of time and units to work with, but because you are constantly able to change your army, you always get to try new tactics. I’ll be looking forward to checking out the ice witches. I like the idea of just dropping an eternal winter all over the board. Let them eat snow!

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