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jessmDecember is here and like Ned Stark says: “Christmas is coming…” That was the quote, right? Anyway, ‘Tis the season and we’ve got three exciting looking up-and-comers. Check out The Witcher Board Game, Last Night on Earth Airstrike Supplement, and the Kickstarter for New Bedford.




The Witcher Board Game is now available.

Fantasy Flight has released their new game based on the popular video game series The Witcher. The game plays two to four players and lets you take on the roles of iconic characters: Geralt of Rivia, Triss Merigold, Dandelion, or Yarpen Zigrin. Like the video game, you will do quests, level your characters, and achieve victory over your friends.
When I first head about this series I couldn’t quite believe the name. The Witcher? Really? But it turns out the video games are based on The Witcher book series by by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski – so it’s clearly more than just translation weirdness. The video games were pretty good, so here’s hoping the board game rocks.














Last Night on Earth Airstrike Supplement lands in time for the holidays.

Last Night on Earth, by Flying Frog Games, is a great zombie survival game (as highlighted in our Halloween special) and recently they released their newest supplement, The Airstrike. It includes a new scenario and ten new game cards. The players must scramble to find flares in the Stage 4 quarantine zone of Woodinvale and Timber Peak, before the military bombs them out of existence.

I can’t wait to get my hands on this one. Last Night on Earth is super fun and I imagine this supplement is going to be very tense.

















Dice Hate Me Games introduces their next game via Kickstarter: New Bedford

New Bedford: A Boardgame of Historic Whaling & Town Building…

Yep, Dice Hate Me Games’ New Bedford is a worker placement and resource management game that plays 2 to 4 players as they try to build their little whaling town into a thriving community. You’ll be sending your workers to get goods, build buildings, and go to sea on an epic whaling adventure. The game comes in a box the same size as Compounded and VivaJava Dice which is important to collectors like me as it will sit nicely on the shelf with my other Dice Hate Me Games.The Kickstarter has 13 days to go and is already almost funded. You can check it out on the New Bedford Kickstarter page.

jessm At first my reaction was simply “Whaling?  Really?”  But then again, Dice Hate Me has managed to make really enjoyable, engaging games about chemistry, trucking, and coffee, so if anyone can turn this subject into a fun game, it’s probably them.

new bedford

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