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Board for the Holidays

andysm Andrew: Hi everyone and happy pre-holidays!  The time for presents is nearly upon us!

jessm Jess: Yay presents!  And cookies!  And snow and trees and lights!

dianasm Diana: Mmm…cookies…

robsm Rob: And presents!

Never let Jess near your game components unsupervised. She might turn them into awesome.

‘Tis the season!  There’s snow on the ground (in some places, I think?), a chill in the air, and endless hours of family get-togethers to enjoy/endure (depending on our perspective and relatives)!  Gameosity loves this time of year, because it’s a chance to spread our love of board games to people who might not normally think to pick up a game and try it out!

And besides, a great game can really take the edge off that family reunion I was just talking about!

andysm Andrew: I know that it isn’t everyone’s favorite time of year, what with the cold and the crowds and the seasonal songs on endless loop upon endless loop upon endless loop upon endless loop upon-

dianasm Diana: If you don’t stop that I will take you to the mall and leave you there.

andysm Andrew: Oh, come on, they’re just songs!  You don’t really

robsm Rob: Dude, don’t doubt it for a second.  You don’t understand, you never worked retail.

andysm Andrew: …Fair point.

But as I was saying.  No matter who you are, there’s a pretty good chance that the winter months mean gift-giving is in your future (and gift getting, if you’ve been good).  So for the next few days we are going to review a smattering of games that we think would make great gifts in addition to being great games.  We’ll try to hit some budget games, some stocking stuffers, some big-ticket items, and something for the whole family.

So keep your eye on us as we head into holiday overdrive!  And later today we will be reviewing one of the big-ticket games, the perfect segue from the ghoulish horror of Halloween into the chilling embrace of winter…

Here's a hint:  You will learn to *fear* that red die...
Here’s a hint: You will learn to *fear* that red die…

Stay tuned!

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