12/8/14 News Roundup


jessm Addicted to your phone? This week two different card games made news as they embrace the Selfie snapping culture.  Check out Selfie by USAopoly and Game of Phones by Photojojo. In more traditional game news Stuff and Nonsense, by Cheapass Games is going to print!



Selfie, a game about exactly that.

Are you a little obsessed with taking selfies or do you know someone who can’t eat a Dorito without snapping a pic? Then you should probably check out USAopoly’s recent release, Selfie – The Game Of Silly Expressions. In the game you draw a card from the deck and then you must take a selfie of yourself making an expression for whatever it says. Your friends and family have to try to guess what the heck the card said by looking at your selfie. There are cards such as “You are a ninja” or “You have something stuck in your teeth”.

jessm Jess: It’s bizarre, narcissistic, and you probably know at least one person for whom it will be a great gift for the holidays.

You can score a copy of Selfie on Amazon or the USAopoly site.



Looking for more games to play with your phone’s camera?

Then try Game of Phones. Photojojo has released a card game that is basically like a phone scavenger hunt. Each round you pick a card that will tell you what your target is, such as “Find the best #Selfie”.

jessm Jess: I see a trend forming in these games…

Once you have the theme you and your friends must find what you think best fits the card with either your phones photos or by Googling your butt off. Then everyone judges the results to pick the best.
Each round you and your pals take turns judging each other on your Google-Fu, photo snapping prowess, social clout, and much more. You can get a copy of Game of Phones from the Photojojo site.



Ok, I take anymore phone games!

Take heart, Cheapass Games just completed their Kickstarter campaign for Stuff and Nonsense. In the game, everyone plays a bunch of liars who in the London Adventurer’s Club.  Everyone must run around the city collecting souvenirs, photographs, and stories to show off back at the club whilst claiming that they were acquired during thrilling adventures.

The game recently headed to the printer and in case you just can’t wait for your copy to arrive or didn’t get a chance to back it, you can try out the print and play version on their site:

Stuff and Nonsense Beta Rules (New 9/28 PDF, 595 kb)
Stuff and Nonsense Beta Cards (Updated 9/7/14, PDF, 1.42 Mb)
You will also need pawns for every player, one more for the Professor, a 6-sided die, and a way to keep score.

jessm Jess: This game looks right up my alley. I love any game that helps you make fun stories; just ask my character in Tales of the Arabian Nights. She’s been in jails all over the world and has probably pissed off every djinn and blind beggar in the East. Here’s hoping that Stuff and Nonsense will be just as fun!

Stuff and Nonsense is planned for March 2015.

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