FreeSpace Tactics Kickstarter

Chris Taylor, designer of videogames Fallout and Starfleet Command, as well as board games such as Nemo’s War, Forlorn: Hope, & Moonbase Alpha, is working with Interplay to make a miniatures board game called, FreeSpace Tactics, based on the Freespace license.

The game is a fast-play miniatures game for 2-4 players. It lets you experience the space combat of Freespace, a video game first published by Interplay Entertainment Corp. in 1998.

The conflict in the board game revolves around the Great War between the human Galactic Terran Alliance and the Vasudans, an alien race. Each player will get to try to out-maneuver their opponent on a 3’ by 3’ tabletop in one of the six scenarios provided.

robsm Rob:It’s a minis tactics board game. From the designer of Fallout AND Nemo’s War. Set in the Freespace universe. There’s absolutely nothing about that I don’t like. Except maybe the fact that I can’t play it right this second.

The Kickstarter ends Jan 12, 2015 and is estimated to ship in November 2015.

You can check out the Kickstarter page for FreeSpace Tactics for more information.



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