Super Fantasy Rumble Now Available.


jessmJess: When I was a kid, there was nothing better than getting up on a Saturday morning and watching a stupid amount of cartoons. The 80’s were a wild mix of giant anime robots, D&D style heroes, cowboys who were literally cows, dinosaur riding barbarians, and more. Passion Project Studios has tried to encompass that feeling in their breakout game: Super Fantasy Rumble, where you pit teams of characters against each other in an all out brawl. Passion Project Studios is a game design studio which was founded in 2012 in Jacksonville, FL by Luis ans Miguel Lugo. We first heard about this game at PAX East back in April and it has recently been released for sale!

Super Fantasy Rumble¬†gives you 48 Rumble Fighter Cards, 48 Roster Cards, 14 Dice, and a Game board. To play, you draw an amount of randomly selected leaders and warriors based on how many players there are. For example in a 2 player game, you’ll get 2 leaders and 4 warriors. Then each player takes turns placing their team on the rumble board. The game uses some interesting puzzle tactics based on how your character can move. You and your opponents will smash their characters together to see who will be left standing.

jessmJess: The game reminds me of playing with friends as we could mix our toy sets together and have G.I.Joe facing off against He-Man (For the record, He-Man wins because he has Battle Cat). The art also looks pretty awesome:

Jules the Game Wizard.
Kavaar the Mighty.
Kavaar the Mighty.

jessmJess: I can’t wait until we can snag a copy of Super Fantasy Rumble so the beat-downs can begin. You can pick up a copy of it for $35.00 on the Super Fantasy Rumble web page.

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