All Your Base Are Belong to Princesses.

Pretty Pretty Smash Up by Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG), is coming out March 9th!

In this candy-coated, sugar & spice expansion for Smash Up, princesses, kittens, horses, and fairies will be duking it out in an all-out war for domination over bases. The fairies come on strong with magic pixie dust to combat the powerful friendship of the horses. Those ponies come in every flavor too: pegasi, sea-horses, and unicorns galore.

Let’s not forget those kittens though. The have ooky meme powers that can compel you to serve them. Will they get those pesky princesses to submit? Not if the powers of love and happiness have anything to say about it. Watch the glitter fly!

This wacky expansion also comes with 8 new bases for the taking. With existing factions like the ninjas, robots, zombies, and bear cavalry, what will be your new favorite team-ups?

jessmKnowing me I’ll have to say Kittys riding atop Horses to battle. Listen to their warcry!



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