The Game Crafter Introduces Crowd Sales

Crowd funding, be it through Kickstarter or other sites, is a popular, powerful, and often exciting way to get a game published.  However, as The Game Crafter (TGC) points out, as a crowd funding campaign gets bigger the stretch goals can often delay release, increase the shipping costs, or result in a rushed product. Campaigns can also fail to meet their goals and thus never get produced.  TGC has devised a way to let the public fund games without those risks: Crowd Sales.

The way it work is, the more people that buy the game, the less the game will cost overall. There is no goal to meet so you know the game is going to get produced and you can be sure of what you are getting from the moment of your investment. Sure you don’t get all of those fancy stretch goals, however, there is always the chance for those sorts of add-ons to be included in expansions or future projects.  Crowd sales is all about getting exactly the game you’re paying for, but paying less for it.  The chart below illustrates how discounts might play out.

Currently TGC is planning their first crowd sale on a  brand new game called Song Froggy. It is a 2-4 player game where you are looking to build the best frog band. Song Froggy promises to be a hillbilly hoot of jug playing, washboard strummin’ frogs (but don’t quote us). The game will normally be $20, but during the crowd sale it will start at $15 and drop as more people buy it.

The sale will start January 19th and will only stick around for 1 week. TGC has a ‘Remind Me’ button on the Song Froggy page to let you know when the sale begins.

jessm Jess: Crowd sales seem like a cool way to help boost a game you are interested in. I do admit that I like Kickstarter campaigns for the stretch goals, but they have burned us before. It seems like the slow boat from China more often than not is a problem for many Kickstarter games, but that’s never an issue for TGC, who controls their own means of production.

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