Stronghold Games Announces Space Cadets: Away Missions Kickstarter

Space Cadets: Away Missions is the third game in the Space Cadets franchise. In Away Missions, your team becomes rocketeers bent on exploring the deep reaches of space, fighting aliens, and discovering alien technology.

The game uses scenarios with different goals to form a campaign. Players will explore a hexagonal map composed of tiles as they try to fulfill their mission goal. In this 1-6 player cooperative game, players get 3 action points to use towards a variety of activities such as firing weapons, analyzing equipment, or fighting aliens. The game promises to include as many as 100 miniatures, over 40 map tiles, and tons of tokens. You can see example of the kick-ass minis in our gallery below!

The game is launching as a Kickstarter project in the next few days. Early Adopter Pledge Levels will receive free worldwide shipping and the project is scheduled to deliver to backers in August 2015.

jessm Jess: I haven’t played the original Space Cadets, but Space Cadets: Dice Duel is a frantically wonderful dice rolling frenzy of fun.  This new expansion has us thinking it might be time to check out the original game. though.  I have high hopes that Away Missions will be a continuation of Stronghold Games’ quality products. The minis alone are enough to get excited about. Check out that Space Leech!

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