Pinnacle Game Labs is Launching Their First Kickstarter Project: Fast First for Android

Do you love board games, but find the manual, arbitrary, and occasionally arcane rituals of determining first player too cumbersome?  Pinnacle Game Labs has announced that they running a Kickstarter campaign for an app called Fast First. The app is designed to choose a first player when playing board games. Instead of coming up with convoluted reasons on how the first player should be chosen, the app will randomly choose for you.

jessm Jess: I almost never get to go first because rules often will say “the youngest player gets to go first” or “The oldest player gets to go first” or “The last person to ride a pony while wearing full renaissance garb and speaking only in verse gets to go first.”…actually, I’d probably win that last one.

Fast First was originally released for iPhone last year, and Pinnacle Game Labs aims to bring the useful little app to Android.

“Prior to creating Fast First, I used a spinner app. I found the control for inputing number of players cumbersome. Then after spinning we’d all sit around waiting for the spinner to finish.” said creator David Corbin. “Eliminating these two problems is what drove the simple, clear design of Fast First.

You can check out the Kickstarter for Android version of Fast First here. The project will run through February 23, 2015.

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