R&R Games To Debut Four New Games at Toy Fair 2015!

R&R Games, makers of the extremely excellent Hanabi (one of our absolute favorite stocking stuffers), is introducing their new game line up at this years Toy Fair 2015 in NYC. Attendees will be able to check out:

Caffeine Rush, a game where players become baristas, frantically trying to make drinks for customers and steal each others tips. The game will be sold for $11.95.

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jessm Jess: Perhaps my days working at a Starbucks will aid me in winning this beverage based game.

Spit it Out, a game all about giving the WRONG answer. Players are given easy questions and 30 seconds to answer, but they might have to give a right or wrong answer. Spit it Out will be $19.95.
jessm Jess: Oh my god I am sooooo bad at these speed games. Every time I play Trigger (a game where you slap cards for answers) I end up just looking at my hands and their shameful betrayal…

Cup A Cup is another speed game where players must roll dice, quickly identify the missing colored shape F then swipe the matching cup off the table. When released Cup A Cup will be $15.95.

Finally there is Slideways. Players flip colors and move their bar in a complicated game of tic-tac-toe. Slideways will be $14.95.

Frank DiLorenzo, President of R&R Games, said, “R&R will have its biggest showcase of products ever this year. We’ve brewed up a slew of great new family games and party games, particularly our Caffeine Rush. It’s a latte fun (can’t resist that pun).”

jessm Jess: Gameosity will be covering Toy Fair 2015, so we’re super excited to get a look at all these upcoming games, and will definitely pass on what we learn!

R&R Games will be located at Booth #6131, Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City.

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