Blue Orange Adds Ridonculous Amount of New Games to Their Catalog This Year!

Blue Orange Games, announced, in celebration of their 15 year anniversary, they are adding 16 new games to their name! Blue Orange will be showing off their new game line up at Toy fair 2015, so if you are attending you should make sure to check them out.
“We are thrilled to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of our award winning game, Spot it! with new releases and a special anniversary surprise,” said Martin Marechal, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “It’s also a special year because we celebrate the 15 year anniversary of our first game Gobblet with a refreshing new packaging for Gobblet Gobblers.”

Blue Orange Games New Games
The 2015 games will be available for purchase online and in stores in the Spring of 2015.

The Line-up includes:

Ages 8 to Adult / 4 to 8 Players
Don’t be afraid to look your enemy in the eye! Wink is a silly party game that will have your friends and family laughing all night long. Your mission is to covertly wink at your secret partner without being detected by the other players. Your secret partner is determined by whether you have the matching card he is looking for or not. Wink is the perfect ice breaker game with a healthy dose of paranoia.

jessm Jess: Do I have something in my eye or am I just bad at this game? Only time will tell.

Color Clash
Ages 7 to Adult / 1 to 8 Players
Race to find the correct tile as the colors clash in your mind! Each of the 36 Color Clash tiles has 3 Attributes: A Picture of different color chameleons, a Word that refers to a specific color, and a Color that the word is written in. Your mind will be challenged to quickly recognize the color a word is written in when it spells another color, also known as the “Stroop Effect”. 8 game variations are included in the rule book to mix up the fun!

King’s Gold
Ages 8 to Adult / 2 to 8 Players
Steal the King’s treasure and become the richest pirate at sea! The objective of King’s Gold is to earn the most coins by obtaining the best combinations of dice rolls. Each combination of dice results in a different type of action. The different dice combinations keep the game exciting and competitive as players steal from their fellow pirates and give their share to the King!
jessm Jess: Andrew often wonders how we end up with so many pirate games, seeing as he doesn’t like pirates. I foresee King’s Gold adding to his concerns.

Sushi Draft
Ages 7 to Adult / 2 to 8 Players
Five deluxe sushi rolls are on the menu, but you will need to pick your rolls strategically if you want to eat your way to victory. Each turn, you will pick one sushi to eat, one to keep, and then pass the rest to the player next to you. Earn points by eating more of one type than your opponents, or earn dessert (more points!) for the most variety on your plate. Sushi draft is quick to learn and fun for the whole family, and is the perfect introduction to the classic genre of pick-and-pass / card-drafting games!

Ages 7 to Adult / 2 Players
Take the reigns in this chess-like abstract strategy game for 2 players, where your objective is to trap your opponent on the field of battle. It’s up to you to end the decades-old conflict between the Roman Empire and the wandering hordes of Attila the Hun! So let fly your flaming arrows and position your horsemen wisely so that your opponent is left with nowhere to run!

Crab Stack
Ages 8 to Adult / 2 to 4 Players
Crawl smart or get swept away! The objective is to immobilize your opponents’ crabs by landing on top of them, or to wash them away with the Wave Rule.  This beautiful wooden game will require strategy to make sure that your crabs are not trapped or washed away! Be the last crab crawling and win!

jessm Jess: If this game doesn’t have crab meeples, I;m going to bring my own!

How could you not love these adorable little crab meeples?

There are a ton more games and I can’t wait to try them all!

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