Calliope Games announces 10th Anniversary Edition of Tsuro!

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Holy Moley! 10 years sure fly by fast. Calliope Games has announced the tenth anniversary edition of their super awesome path building game Tsuro. The game was originally designed by Tom McMurchie and is a beautiful, easy to learn game for all ages.

jessm Jess: Tsuro was the very first board game I ever played at the NYC Board Game night at Think Coffee. It was super simple to learn and a lot of fun to play!

The new edition will come in an engraved wooden box, with a silkscreened raw silk board, dragon and phoenix miniatures, and an embroidered silk tile bag. It will also feature new art by acclaimed fantasy artist Andy Hepworth.

“The simplicity of Tsuro’s design means we can really go all-out with the anniversary edition’s components. Each of the materials has been carefully sourced.” says Ray Wehrs, president of Calliope Games. “With this edition, it’s not about controlling cost. It’s about celebrating the beauty of the game. My goal is to create a luxurious product that anyone would be proud to own; the gem of any game collection.”

“I am extremely excited about working on the 10th anniversary edition of Tsuro, especially as I have such an in-depth involvement in the design of the product as a whole. It is unusual for an artist to be involved in a single aspect of a product, and so to have a hand in the design of the box, the counters, the board and, well, everything, is rare and inspiring.” says fantasy artist Andy Hepworth. “On top of that, Ray and the team are producing such a lavish product that nobody could fail to be impressed by the vision for the luxury edition of Tsuro.”

jessm Jess: The tenth anniversary edition of Tsuro will be coming out later this year. We were able to catch a quick look at the art at NY Toy Fair and, while we cannot share full images, we do have a silhouette of the game pieces.  What we can’t share wowed us even more!tsuro

Between the box art and the sculpted piece I can safely say: OH MY DRAGON-GOD!

This one is a definite must have when it comes out, and as soon as it does, we’ll be sure to cover it!

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