IDW Games Shows Off Their New Machi Koro Line-up!

jessm Jess: During our visit to Toy Fair we stopped by the IDW Games booth to check out their upcoming games for 2015. One of our favorites, Machi Koro, has  a new expansion called Millionaire’s Row coming out in June. Millionaire’s Row will add 13 new buildings to the base game and is compatible with the Harbor expansion (available now).


If another expansion wasn’t exciting enough,  a deluxe edition of Machi Koro will be coming out this fall. If you haven’t picked up the game yet and want something special, this box set may be right up your alley.

jessm Jess: Frankly I can’t imagine waiting since the game is so much fun, but I guess you could always buy it twice (I probably will).


You can check out our review of the Base game here to understand why we love it so much!

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