Thunderbirds are go!


The moment we’ve all been waiting for is here! The Modiphius Entertainment Thunderbirds Kickstarter is live. Matt Leacock (Pandemic, Forbidden Island, Forbidden Desert, all of which we love) has been slaving away over it and now you can get a piece of the action. The Kickstarter is already half funded and for £40, or about $61.76 USD, you can get a full copy of the game. Modiphius is going into production immediately after the Kickstarter so you can expect copies to be shipping in August. The game will be hitting the shelves on the 50th anniversary of the Thunderbirds TV show in September.

Matt Leacock has been keeping a blog about the rules in case you want to check them out before buying.
jessm Jess: I only barely remember seeing some old reruns of this show, but the puppetry and model work was super cool. The Thunderbirds game looks like a wonderful labor of love and a great way to introduce new fans to the show. I love how the character pegs can sit in the different vehicles. It’s a very fun design!


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Chris, Modiphius

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