Cryptozoic Ain’t Afraid Of No Kickstarter!

andysm Andrew: Cryptozoic Entertainment, makers of the awesomely fun Epic Spell Wars, DC Comics Deckbuilding Game, and Adventure Time Card Wars (among many other awesome licensed games) has been running a monster of a Kickstarter campaign for its newest and possibly most ambitious project yet, the officially licensed Ghostbusters board game.

This 1-4 player co-op game will allow players to take on the roll of classic characters from the franchise (not just the famous four) as they bust ghosts and save New York!  Cryptozoic was awesome enough to sit with us for a few minutes and talk about the highs and lows of running such an intense Kickstarter, as well as all the cool stuff in store for Ghostbuster fans!

With 13 days to go and over $750,000 in pledged funds, the Ghostbusters game is getting the all-star treatment it deserves from Cryptozoic.  We are incredibly excited about it, and really looking forward to getting in on the bustin’ action!  Check out their link below!

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