We Take Our (Bad) Medicine With Gil Hova

Andrew: Gil Hova, the mind behind Prolix and Battle Merchants, has a new game up on Kickstarter.  Bad Medicine, a really fun party game about made-up maladies, ridiculous drugs, and hilarious side-effects, is currently ripping it up on KS, having reached several stretch goals and been pegged as a Kickstarter Staff Favorite.

We’ve playtested Bad Medicine several times, and every time it was a blast.  Players will draw up cards which feature different drug names, effects, and side-effects, and then desperately pitch to the assembled players why their drug is the best cure of what ails us, and why the side-effects don’t matter.  Depending on the number of players in this party game, it is entirely likely you will be pitching a drug completely blind, drawing cards as you speak, making for some truly hilarious combinations and on-the-fly improvisations.

You can see our interview with Gil (who is a great guy) here, and then head on over to his Kickstarter page to back Bad Medicine!

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