With Snow Drifts up to Our Eyebrows, We See Arctic Scavengers: Recon Just Over the Horizon

Arctic Scavengers: ReconJust like the weather outside right now (if you live in the northeast like we do), Arctic Scavengers is a grueling world of the post-apocalyptic ice age. Players must compete against each other to survive in this unique deckbuilder which Rob really liked and Andrew had no patience for. The first expansion for the game, HQ, added a headquarters for each tribe, allowing players to create tribes and construct buildings. Rio Grande has announced that the game will be getting a second expansion called Recon. It follows the idea that the tribes have now grown and must struggle for dominance. The anticipated retail price is $29.95.

jessm Jess: One of the big selling points for us is that the expansion comes with a plastic insert to organize all your cards! Gameosity loves inserts when they are done well.

According to the designer, Robert K Gabhart’s post on Board Game Geek “Art is done. Rules are done. Insert is done. Should have a release date for you guys fairly soon.”

So it looks like we won’t be waiting long in the freezing snow for Arctic Scavengers: Recon!

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