Team Gameosity’s Run For the Wild Update

jessm Jess: Hi everyone,

So we have been doing great! Team Gameosity has raised over $600! That’s stupendous. Gorillas everywhere shall rejoice.

Wheeeeee! From:


We can still use your support though. You can pledge any amount to help support this fantastic cause. We are only about a month from the run so we are training hard to make you guys proud.

You can donate to anyone on our team by going to our page and choosing who you would like to support from the team roster. Even if you only want to donate a dollar to each runner we would greatly appreciate it. Let’s see if we can break the $1,000 mark!

You can also help by joining our team! Not only does the WCS Run for the Wild support a great cause – it’s also a really fun day at the zoo! Please consider joining me on April 25, you can find more information about the event and register here: If you do decide to join us please email our team leader Jess at [email protected]. You’ll get a Team Gameosity T-shirt and the reward experience of doing good on the world.

We will be posting pics from this years run after the event, but here are a couple of happy animals from last year that we encountered.

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