News Flash: There’s a Huge Tasty Minstrel Games Temporary Sale!

Tasty Minstrel Games has a ton of new titles coming out soon and in an effort to fund 11 of their new games they are having a temporary sale of awesomeness! If you haven’t had a chance to try out TMG games now is best time to pick one up!

The prices are slashed in half in most cases and as TMG fans, we at Gameosity cannot recommend them enough.

Eminent Domain – $19.95 (50% off)
Eminent Domain: Escalation – $19.95 (20% off) – Last Inventory before reprinting (80 copies)
Dungeon Roll Board Game – 9.95 (50% off)
Martian Dice Game – 7.95 (47% off)
Rialto Board Game (Stefan Feld) – $24.95 (50% off)
Il Vecchio (Rudiger Dorn) – $29.95 (50% off)

According to the TMG site: “These prices will only be available for a VERY limited time (through Friday) or when our copies at Amazon sell out.”

jessm Jess: I only see one problem with this sale. No matter how much money I thow at my computer screen, the games have not teleported into my lap yet.

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