Love is a Many Splendored Thing in AEG’s Love Letter

andysm Andrew: Hello!  We here at Gameosity sometimes get these funny ideas.  And sometimes, we act out those funny ideas.  And sometimes, we record ourselves acting out those funny ideas.  This is one such occasion! (Ok, we mean ‘funny to us’, not necessarily, like, cosmically funny, but any excuse to use ear-glue, a doublet, a kukri and a utility belt in the same day sounds like a good time to us)

Love Letter by Alderac Entertainment Group (makers of Istanbul, one of my favorite games ever) is a fantastic, light bluffing and deduction game for 2-4 players.  Gameplay is incredibly easy to learn and it is an absolutely perfect little filler game for any group.  And with AEG constantly tweaking, re-theming, and re-creating it, we really mean *any* group.

Costumes are not strictly required, but we strongly suggest them.


Interested in Love Letter?  Well, there are a plethora of options!  The game comes in both boxed and bagged forms, as well as different flavors, such as Hobbit (boxed or bagged), Munchkin (boxed or bagged), Legend of the Five Rings, and Batman (boxed or bagged).



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