Celebrate TableTop Day With a New Promo Djinn Card for Five Tribes!

If you are going to your local game store to enjoy the third annual International TableTop Day, you are in for a treat. Days of Wonder is including a Promo Djinn card for Five Tribes called the Wilwit Djinn in their Game Kit. You could end up winning a copy by participating in on of the many gaming events happening that day.

Days of Wonder also stated that the card might show up on their website or social network platforms for those people who can’t join the TableTop party on April 11th.

jessm Jess: Since Days of Wonder made the awesome choice to remove slaves from the game, I can only hope that the Wilwit Djinn only accepts D20’s and Star Trek DVDs as sacrifices for summoning. As it is, check out the graphic for the djinn below! Kickass!


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