Board Game April Fools Pranks of 2015

April 1st is a pit trap of a day on the internet. It seems like everyone has their own version of a prank and we have gathered as many of them from yesterday as we could find for you to enjoy.

Portal Games Announces New Faction for Imperial Settlers: Lemmings!

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“After so many questions from our fans, we are finally happy to announce that Portal Games will have a summer release of a new, fifth faction for Imperial Settlers! Anticipation has been growing for the past few months, and today, we are ready to announce that 5th faction for Imperial Settlers will be: Lemmings! Inspired by the video game Lemmings (1991) from publisher Psygnosis, Ignacy Trzewiczek and his team bring the amazing details and unique gameplay of the video game to the world of Imperial Settlers…”

Passport Games Partners with Activistion


“At Passport Game Studios, we’re always looking for great new partners to bring you the best games from around the world. Which is why we’re thrilled to announce our newest partnership with a company that has brought you some of the top-selling games of all time – Activision!

Through this new partnership, we’ll be bringing you games like you’ve never seen them before. Like video games? You’re in for a treat! Love board games? Even better! We’re bringing you an exciting way to experience both…at the same time!

We can’t reveal much more yet, but we can share with you this exclusive box art from our upcoming joint release. Let us know what you think of this new partnership!”

ThinkGeek’s Game of Thrones Clue

The plot of Game of Thrones in both its book and HBO television series incarnations involves a mess of murders, which makes it a perfect fit for a board game like Clue. Game of Thrones Clue plays just like classic Clue, but with GoT-themed goodness bundled in. Gone are the basic playing pieces and standard weapons. They’ve been replaced with all new pieces: 48 suspects and 48 weapons. You might notice the board’s been renovated, too. It now measures an expansive 2 ft. by 4 ft. What can we say? It’s hard to contain all of Westeros…”

On Twitter, Gamewright ‏announced their latest outdoor game! Benedict Cumberbocce.


And lastly, The Game Crafter now carries Supersized Game Pawns! Bigger pawns… bigger play!

So which ones did you fall for this year? Were there any we missed? Did you make your own nefarious board game pranks? Let us know in the comments!

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