We Get Geeky with Geek Girl Brunch!

jessm Jessica: Geek Girl Brunch is an awesome once-a-month meetup group here in NYC.  Geeky girls from all over the city come together to celebrate geek culture, enjoy each other’s company, and have a great time!  They do lots of really cool themed meetups and everyone is always so awesome!

I’ve gone to a whole bunch of them and always have tons of fun!  When I heard one was board game themed, I knew we just *had* to go.  And bring cameras!  And presents!

We headed over to The Uncommons (THE game café in Manhattan) and had ourselves a fantastic day of gaming with these incredibly fun ladies!  We even managed to raffle off some of our favorite games!  It was a good time all around.

Also, this was the first time I ever interviewed someone on camera, so I was a teensie bit nervous (I even forgot the mic! Derp).  But everyone was super cool, so it turned out fine!

Thanks again to Geek Girl Brunch for letting us come hang out and for being awesome in general.

Are you an awesome, geeky, nerdy, or just plain friendly girl who is looking for a fun, safe meetup group in NYC?  Then totally check out http://geekgirlbrunch.com/ for more geeky, girly goodness!  We’ll see you there!

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