Portal Games Announces New Micro Game – Tides of Time

Portal games has announced that Tides of Time, by new designer Kristian Čurla, is coming out in July at Gen Con 2015. The game is set in ancient times and is designed for two players. In this micro game you’ll get 5 cards and draft one before passing the rest to your opponent. This repeats until all cards have been selected. At the end of the round you will choose one of your five cards to keep for your kingdom and then one card to discard from the game. Each card has different scoring rules so creating interesting combos can net you a ton of points. The game goes three rounds and whomever has the most points in the end is the winner.

“Kristian approached me at Essen Spiel with a prototype and when we played it, I knew immediately that it was a perfect fit for Portal Games,” said Portal CEO Ignacy Trzewiczek. The play is more streamlined than our usual games, but each decision is rich and difficult. Each choice, you must choose between building your Kingdom or sabotaging your opponents plans… and sometimes, you can do both with a single action!”
jessm Jess: I love two player games like this. They are fast, small, and easy to toss in your bag for trips or in-between other activities. It is also Portal Games’ first 2 player game in the English market so it is super cool to see them expanding into these types of games. You’ll be able to pick up a copy for $12.00 USD when it comes out.


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