The Titan Series Gets Some Serious Talent For Special Backer Cover Art.

Calliope Games has announced that they will be offering the Muse, Titan, and Mt. Olympus level backers of their tremendous Kickstarter campaign, The Titan Series, special box art on their games. They have some amazing artists such as Echo Chernik (Shadowrun), Larry Elmore (Dungeons & Dragons), Andrew Hepworth (Exalted, Love Letter), and John Kovalic (Munchkin) lined up with the expectation that more will be joining up soon.


“Our backers expressed an interest in exclusive box art early on.” said Ray Wehrs, President of Calliope Games. “While backer-exclusive art wasn’t a part of our initial plan, we saw this as an opportunity to express our immeasurable gratitude to the community for the support we’ve had so far. We also want to stay true to our promise of making backers a pivotal part of the game creation process.”

The Titan Series has been hugely successful so far having raised nigh on $100,000 out of their $135,000 goal. Calliope Games states that “Titan Series backers receive games at nearly 50% off the target retail price and will be an integral part of the game development process. Backers will be consulted regarding gameplay, art choices, game themes, and game content.”

jessm Jess: It is really cool that Calliope is involving backers in the backers in the design of these games. I have worked on Kickstarter campaigns that utilized backer involvement and it held up the works a bit, but I have confidence that Calliope can pull it off. The special box art is also a cool way to honor high-level backers. It means they get something really special without changing the box contents so other backers don’t feel like they are getting an incomplete game. Head on over to the Titan Kickstarter to get involved!

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