Squee With Delight Over This New Takenoko Expansion!

Recently Antoine Bauza, designer of Takenoko, tweeted that the new expansion, Takenoko Chibis, would be released this summer during GenCon Indy 2015. We’ve collected up as much of the Takenoko Chibi’s details that we can find for your pandaful convenience!

Studio Bombyx has released some art for the game on their Facebook page stating:
“You find the 9 babies pandas in chips and the mom in action figure in the box of the Extension chibis Takenoko this summer!”

ICv2 has also said that the game will include 9 panda babies plus one mama panda. There will be new plot and objective cards as well as new landscapes like “Sacred Hill” and “Kami Garden”.

jessm Jess: There is no official word on the price of the game as of yet, but you can bet that the gardener’s life will be even more challenging with so many pandas about! You can check out all of the adorableness in our gallery below.

CCJ4-GMWEAA03tN.jpg large

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