Gameosity Runs For the Wild Wrap Up

jessm Jess: Hi everyone! So this years Run For the Wild was a smashing success! Team Gameosity raised $670 to help the Wildlife Conservation Society protect gorillas. Diana and I ran the 5K, in our Team Gameosity t-shirts, in just 32 minutes. I want to thank all of our supporters. Without you we would just be ‘a couple of people running around the zoo for no reason’, or what I like to call “My Saturday Afternoonsies”.

Our Supporters:
Adrienne & Pete Colón, Alan Teeter, Anna Helkowsky, Anonymous, Bennie Johnson, Beth Posner, Cody McNeal, ELIZABETH, Harry Westbrook, Heather C., Jill Cirasella, Kristen Persinos, Lisa Sackel, Michael Adams, Michael Handis, Silvia Cho, Elizabeth Dapo.

Thanks again everyone! Here are some photos from our run for your enjoyment.

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