Stronghold Games to Release ‘Dark Moon’

Dark Moon is the new rendition of BSG Express which was a print and play, streamlined version of Fantasy Flight Games’ Battlestar Galactica. The highly popular game has been redesigned by Evan Derrick and produced by Stronghold Games. It will still include the hidden traitor and hidden dice-rolling mechanic that made the original game so compelling. Derrick has made the official rulebook available for download so you can take a look at the rules before picking up a copy.

The game is for 3-7 players of two teams: the infected and non-infected. The goal of the non-infected players is to survive the night, whereas the goal of the infected is to destroy the non-infected team. You’ll know if you are infected or not, but it will be a mystery as to who your teammates are.

jessm Jess: The game sounds similar in Werewolf in some ways, but includes a “quarantine” effect that allows players to call out a suspected player and limit their ability to effect the game without revealing them one way or the other.

You can pre-order your copy from Stronghold Games for $41.97 before it is released and the price goes up to $59.95. Board Game Geek reports it is looking at a release at Origins in June.


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