Celebrate Star Wars Day with Some Fantasy Flight Fun!

andysmAndrew: Happy Star Wars day!  In celebration of this most Forceful of days, we wanted to make a quick shout-out to a few of our favorite Star Wars themed games.  The list is by no means exhaustive – Fantasy Flight Games is the current Star Wars juggernaut, and their massive collection boasts everything from card games to minis, but these three are all fairly new and extremely fun!

Star Wars Armada – Fantasy Flight broke ground with the awesome X-Wing miniatures game, but this year’s release of Star Wars Armada brought the miniatures-driven ship-to-ship combat up to a whole new level. Featuring beautiful renderings of capital ships and fleets of fighters, Armada brings the grandeur of Star Wars’ most iconic space battles to your table in this tactical strategy game. You can pick up a copy on Amazon on sale for $65.92 right now.

Star Wars Armada
Star Wars: Imperial Assault – Starships are awesome, but there’s more to Star Wars than that.  Built on an engine eerily similar to the Descent series (and that’s a compliment – Descent is one of my favorite games of all time), Imperial Assault is an action-packed semi-cooperative game of tactical squad combat. With a million expansions already available and tons of iconic characters to add to your game, this sci-fi dungeon crawler (because hey, that’s what it is) delivers lots of what makes Descent so fun along with what makes Star Wars so epic. This one is also on sale on Amazon for $68.59.

Star Wars: Empire Vs Rebellion – This one is a bit of an oddity, but we actually think it’s pretty great. Designed exclusively for two players, EvR is essentially an interesting riff on area-control and hand-management style gameplay, with both players vying to have the most (but not too much) influence over the contested territories. Both sides have exactly the same deck to draw from, but luck, timing, and canny use of abilities can tip the delicate balance in favor of one player, giving them the influence they need to gather those precious victory points! This one’s a pretty unique game (in a pretty tiny box)and worth checking out! Empire Vs Rebellion is a steal for $12.25 on Amazon.


And as always, May The 4th Be With You!

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