Days of Wonder Commemorates VE-Day With New Memoir ’44 Scenarios

Richard Borg and Days of Wonder have announced that they are releasing four new scenarios for Memoir ’44 in honor of VE-Day on May 8th: Hatten & Rittershoefen, Riechswald & Nutterden, Hitdorf, and Seelow Heights.

The date marks the end of WWII in Europe when the allies accepted Nazi Germany’s surrender. The scenarios are available on the Days of Wonder website as PDFs or you can get them from the Days of Wonder store for the cost of shipping. The scenarios do require additional expansions and the Seelow Heights Overload scenario requires an additional copy of the game.

jessm Jess: While it kinda sucks for new players that the scenarios require more than just the base game, most long-time fans will already have the required components. And hey, the scenarios being free makes this a really nice gift to commemorate the day.

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