AEG Opens Up Voting On Their Next Smash Up Factions


Hey everyone! A little while back AEG asked for suggestions on new factions for Smash Up, their very fun card-based area-influence game.  Now they have released the finalists and are accepting votes for your favorites. Some of the options are: Cowboys, Mechs, Superheroes, Dragons, and Lizardmen. Head on over to AEG’s It’s Your Fault page to vote!

jessm Jess: You might remember AEG from our irrationally exuberant Love Letter and Istanbul reviews – they make fantastic games!  Smash Up is a neat game which lets you mash two unique factions together, like Robots and Ninjas, and then try to dominate your opponents by controlling bases.  With each expansion, AEG has added more factions and bases, which only adds to the combinations possible!  And now that they have gotten the fanbase involved, things can only get crazier!  Not to influence anyone, but I am going to vote for Vikings and Dragons!

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