Imperial Settlers is Getting a New Faction: Atlanteans!

Portal Games has announced that the Atlanteans will be the the first new faction joining Imperial Settlers!


Imperial Settlers is a game for 1 to 4 players who are trying to build cities, gain resources, and expand their territory. The Atlanteans add a new board, the Atlanteans faction deck, and expansion cards for the original factions that include rules for the new faction abilities. The Atlanteans are not just a pretty expansion though. They come with a new mechanic that changes the way the game plays: Technology! The Atlantean technology unlocks special abilities on faction cards and changes how some buildings work, but the Atlanteans have to work fast because at the end of the game their building will sink into the ocean, never to be seen again.

“When I set out to design the Atlanteans faction, I knew I wanted them to play very differently from the other factions,” said designer and CEO of Portal Games, Igancy Trzewiczek. The main goal of introducing new factions to Imperial Settlers is to make sure they do not feel only slightly different, but very different from all others. “After all these months of designing and playtesting I am satisfied with the result and I know that this faction indeed plays differently.”

jessm Jess: I have never gotten a chance to play Imperial Settlers which is a real bummer because it sounds fantastic. I am always intrigued by games that include rules for 1 player and this new faction sounds like it really shakes things up. I’m going to have to run to Amazon and pick up a copy!

The Atlanteans expansion will be debuting at Gen Con 2015 this July and show up in stores in August. This will be shown off alongside Portal’s new Tides of Time, a card drafting game for two players.

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