CLACKS, Puzzle Game Based on Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Now in Preorder!


It was a sad year for Pratchett fans as the renowned…

jessm Jess: and arguably the BEST!

…author passed away, but his legacy continues on. CLACKS is a game based on his best selling book, Going Postal, from the Discworld series. The clacks is a semaphore messaging system run by goblins and the game has players competing to see who can run the fastest clacks system. You can choose to play either as player vs. player or as a co-operative race. There is even an introductory game for kids.

CLACKS will be officially released at the 2015 Irish Discworld Convention, but you can order your copy now from Backspindle Games. As a bonus, all copies ordered today before midnight (UK-GMT) will get a 30mm scale metal miniature of Moist von Lipwig, the main character of Going Postal, that can be used when playing the game.

jessm Jess: This is so exciting! I am a huge Pratchett fan and I knew there was a previous game called Guards!Guards! which I still have yet to find a copy of, but I hadn’t head that CLACKS was coming out. Keen Beans!

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