Crysis Strives to Join the Ranks of Video Games turned Board Games

boxshot1Crysis Analogue Edition promises to be a “Competitive, tactical board game for 2-8 players” based the first person shooter Crysis. Frame6, an independent game developer out of Germany, started a Kickstarter campaign to adapt the video game to a mini-laden board game.

Frame6 CEO and lead designer for Crysis Sebastian Kreutz said: “The Kickstarter launch for German creators gives us a unique opportunity to present our game and interact with the fans directly. We’re humbled by the trust and creative freedom that Crytek granted us and hope the fans will enjoy a tabletop Crysis.”

This thing is going to be a space hog, but it is pretty.

jessm Jess: It looks like Frame6 put a lot of work into the design. You get a huge board with minis, separate soldier boards for your minis, tons of cards, tokens, 3d obstacles, and, of course, custom dice. Frame6 even offers an online beginner’s guide to ley you get a feel of what the rules are going to be.

dice soldier overview 2

The game uses a hex grid to layout different scenarios for the teams to battle in. There are two game modes: Team Instant Action or Capture the Relay. In Team Instant Action the teams face off in a death match. Capture the Relay, on the other hand, is a capture the flag scenario where players must transport a relay to a specified location.

jessm Jess: Of course a game of this proportion is going to be a bit expensive. You can pledge €65 or about $73 to get the full game plus stretch goals. Compared to most games that use so many components, Crysis Analogue Edition is pretty comparable. I’ll be curious to see how well the game translates the experience of Crysis. there has been a big push in the board game world to convert video games to card board with some very nice successes like Bioshock and The Witcher. Only time and Kickstarter backers will tell if Crysis is to be another success story.

You can check out more on the Crysis Analogue Edition Kickstarter page.

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