Just Call Them The Titans of Success


The epic Titan Series, by Calliope Games, has reached its’ funding goal of $135,000!  We can look forward to brand new gateway games from Richard Garfield (Magic: The Gathering), Mike Mulvihill (Golem Arcana), Paul Peterson (Smash Up), and Mike Selinker (Pathfinder Adventure Card Game).

There are four days to go on the Kickstarter, so there is plenty of time to unlock those stretch goals. If you want to see new games from James Ernest (founder of Cheapass Games), Matt Forbeck (Descent,Space Hulk), and Peggy Brown (Buzzword, Q•bitz), and a “mystery” designer from Europe, head over and toss in your support!

Cassidy Werner, PR Gremlin for Calliope Games said: “James already has a great start on his game, which he’s codenamed ‘The Train’. Part of what I love about James Ernest’s designs is how each and every game mechanism is carefully crafted to compliment the game’s theme. The game is already a delight to play and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.”

jessm Jess: A train game? Uh oh…

andysm Andrew: giphy

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