Get a look at AEG’s Upcoming Smash Up Munchkin

AEG has released a few teasers for their upcoming Smash Up Munchkin coming out at Gen Con 2015 this August. The Unexpected Party card is jam packed with Halflings and the Elf Help Guru might seem like it only benefits your enemies, but AEG is sure you’ll be able to think up some fun and inventive ways to use them.

SU8_MainCards_Unexpected-Party_Web-72 ElfHelpGuru

jessm Jess: There will be more updates as Gen Con approaches and eventually AEG will release the product page for Smash Up Munchkin. I have to say, while I am not a rabid Munchkin fan, I love the humor that the game brings and the art for these cards is fantastic. According to the Smash Up Facebook, besides Elves and Halflings, the game will introduce Warriors, Orcs, Clerics, and more. I’m looking forward to seeing what the expansion will bring!

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