Kickstarters We’re Backing – 6/1/2015

andysmAndrew:  Hi everyone!

Today, I wanted to try something different.  I have been an enthusiastic backer of a load of Kickstarters over the course of the last few years – probably more than I should have, finances considering.

But not all Kickstarters are created equally, and I have backed the occasional lemon.  Still, even though I know it’s a gamble, I still find myself clicking that ‘Back this Project” button.  So this is the first in what I hope will be an ongoing series, where we will share the projects we are backing and why.  Hopefully, we will help expose some gems that might not be getting the attention they need (and maybe help us all hit those stretch goals we all covet).

So come join me as we talk theoretical games (that’s games which haven’t been made yet, not games centered around ‘theory’ as a theme…which would be cool.  How would that even work, though?)!

This week, polyhedral warriors and the birth of a solar system!

Dungeon Dice: COLOSSEUM


By: Potluck Games -FUNDED-

Type:  Dice Rolling, Pool Building, Expansion

COLOSSEUM is the latest expansion to Potluck Games’ Dungeon Dice.  The best way I can describe Dungeon Dice is that it’s a lot like Munchkin, in that it’s a dungeon crawl all about gaining treasure and killing monsters and leveling up.  There is certainly an element of back-stabbing and alliances as well, but that’s where the comparisons end (which is good, because I don’t care for Munchkin much these days).  It doesn’t feature too much of the grindy, mean-spirited take-that gameplay that makes Munchkin less than fun for me.

What Dungeon Dice does have, in grand amount, is dice.  Everything in the game is dice – equipment, monsters, artifacts, levels, items, spells, everything is dice.  It is a game entirely saturated in the random, chaotic element of dice rolls, and I love that.  And I also love how pretty these dice are.

jessmJess:  Ah, here we go with the dice…

andysmAndrew:  No, seriously!  Look at these things!  They are gorgeous.  Etched, with beautiful color saturation, just so nice!

These are some of the monster dice. They are chunky and well made and fun to roll!

jessmJess:  I’m kidding with you, these dice are awesome.  I like this game; it’s light, which makes sense because of all the randomness, but it’s also fun and quick, so the chaos is never a bad thing.

Dungeon Dice is fun on its own, and its expansions only add to the awesome.  Each expansion adds some new dice along with a few new mechanics, such as character classes from the Guilds expansion or Familiars from the Familiar pack.  COLOSSEUM’S big addition (I have no idea why it is capitalized) is that it’s bringing huge, epic monsters to the party!  These monster dice are bigger than any other monster type, and they bring massive power to battle!  Wait, I just figured out why COLOSSEUM is capitalized.

Every stretch goal adds more monsters or more spells or more gear or more whatever LOOK IT’S MORE DICE, OK?


andysmAndrew:  Ok, I’ll be honest; this one is a no-brainer for me.  I love the base game, and this is just the best kind of expansion – more of the things I like about the core game.

The Kickstarter is funded and each stretch goal met adds more dice!  If previous campaigns are any indication, backers are going to get a TON of new monsters for their game.  And if you missed anything from previous campaigns, absolutely everything in the Dungeon Dice line can be added as addons to your pledge.

You can check out their Kickstarter right here!





By: Board&Dice -FUNDED-

Type:  Area Control, Tile Placement

Andrew:  Ok, so this one is more of a gamble.  Boards&Dice doesn’t have too many games under its belt here in the states, though I have been very curious about Dice Brewing, which I will definitely have to check out one of these days.  However, something about this game speaks to me, beyond even the incredibly charming, unbelievably quirky tone of the Kickstarter intro video.

This is the image which sold me:

I just find it beautiful, in an iconographic sort of way.

The players, taking on the role of builders, will expand their line of the solar system, assembling planets from raw components (harvested from worlds they have already placed), along with energy from the sun.  Planets are connected by their orbits, as well as by the planets immediately beside them.  Each time a tile is added, it triggers several effects, and the goal is for players to build the best system of planets before their sun is exhausted of energy.

andysmAndrew:  The theme really appeals to me, as does the design of these prototype components.  The game looks intriguingly simple, yet my instincts tell me that it will be a fun and engaging experience.  I also think this one is going to appeal to all four of us – Jess is a builder by nature, Rob loves strategy, Diana will undoubtedly appreciate the simple elegance of the game’s design and I will agree with all three of them.

Exoplanet is funded now, with 18 more days to go, and they are banging through stretch goals to add new and interesting components to the game (including organizer trays, be still my OCD gamer heart!).  I think it looks pretty amazing, and you should definitely check it out here!

So that’s what I’m Kickstarting right now.  What do you guys think?  Are these projects interesting to you?  If not, why not?  What are you all backing these days?  We’d love to hear from you!

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