Stronghold Games Annouces the Upcoming Release of The Golden Ages!

The Golden Ages is a euro game based on civilization building. The game was designed by Luigi Ferrini and originally published by Ergo Ludo Editions for Essen Spiel 2014. It features artwork by Alexandre Roche, the artist behind Jaipur, Bruxelles 1893, and Carson City. Stronghold Games has licensed The Golden Ages and has set a worldwide release for October 2015.

In the game you’ll guide your people through 4 ages by developing technology, art, buildings, and wonders, but building up isn’t the only way a civilization thrives. You’ll also need to expand! Your military can test its might, as you claim foreign lands or defend your own. Whoever creates the most advanced civilization (collects the most points) wins.

“The release of The Golden Ages underscores one of the core philosophies at Stronghold Games”, said Stephen Buonocore, President of Stronghold Games. “We continue to publish great games from Europe, as well as support our existing internal game lines. We are excited to be working on this project with the fine company, Ergo Ludo Editions.”

jessm Jess: The MSRP for The Golden Ages will be $59.95, but we anticipate there will be a discounted pre-order as the game gets close to release.

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