Small World Designer Edition Will Be Available Soon for a Limited Time!

Coming, June 9th, to a Days of Wonder page near you: Small World Designer Edition!

This gorgeous area-control game comes in a deluxe wooden box and includes includes three large boards to support 2-6 players, leather purses full of custom metal coins, beautiful resin figures, and deluxe wooden tokens for all races from the base game and Cursed!, Grand Dames, Be Not Afraid and Royal Bonus expansions. It also has some glorious wooden Race banners and Special Powers banners.

Another, previously “Kickstarter Only”, feature of the set is the pocket encyclopedia, which is a beautifully illustrated reference guide for the game. It has 63 entries covering the races from the base game and several expansions.


You’ll be able to order your own copy of Small World Designer Edition June 9! Just know that you can only order 1 copy per person.

jessm Jess: This Small World box is crazy awesome. I love the original game, so seeing it get the delux treatment is wonderful. Anyone who hasn’t picked up the game yet or collectors who love fancy sets are going to descend upon the Days of Wonder store on June 9th. I hope you all are able to get your copy!

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