Ether Wars, Dice-based Strategy, on Kickstarter Now

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A new indie gamedev studio, called Ether DEV, is hitting the scene with their first Kickstarter. Founders Javier Alaiz Dominguez and Álvaro Arteaga Garcia are crowdfunding their dice-driven strategy game Ether Wars. The game is based on the idea of sci-fi RTS and MOBA videogames, where players will compete to gain resources and become the dominant species. The game is set on the world of Etheria, a distant planet with four species (Vai, Rippers, Dracons, and Humans) fighting for control of the world. Each species has its own play style giving players the opportunity to play different strategies.

That *does* look pretty, we’ll give it that

The game comes with the Etheria game board, player boards, acrylic stones, cards, and a ton of custom dice! Ether Wars supports 2-4 players and an average game lasts around 90 minutes. For a pledge of $52 you get the full game and all the stretch goals.

jessm Jess: I gotta say, the art for this game is sweet. The artist Ulrich Leprovost has done some amazing work. Ether DEV is also using custom dice instead of stickered dice so theres a bonus in my book. It is unsurprising that Ether Wars has already reached about 50% of its’ goal.

Check out Ether Wars on Kickstarter and help Javier Alaiz Dominguez and Álvaro Arteaga Garcia realize their dream.

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