Can’t Get Enough Eminent Domain? Check out the New Battlecruisers & Exotica Kickstarter!

Can’t Get Enough Eminent Domain? Check out the New Battlecruisers & Exotica Kickstarter!

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Tasty Minstrel Games has a new Kickstarter up for Eminent Domain that covers not just an expansion, but a whole new standalone game!


The expansion, Eminent Domain: Exotica introduces Exotic planets and Asteroids and the new Recon ability. it comes with 9 New Starting Scenario Cards, 31 New Technology Cards, 27 New Planet Cards, 4 New Start Planet Tiles, 4 Mining Tiles, and a limited edition cover with foil stamped box and digital signature.

The expansion also comes with promo cards that add 5th Player Exotica Upgrades, 12 Additional New Technology Cards, 3 New Planet Cards, New Scenario Cards.

Eminent Domain: Battlecruisers is a new short game for 3 − 5 players. Each player starts with the same hand of cards. The goal is to play different cards from your opponents. If you play the same card you’ll clash and have to suffer the repercussions. Anticipate your opponents every move and score victory points to win all the glory!

jessm Jess: This Kickstarter is pretty neat. it gives you the option of investing in either game or both as you choose. Battlecruisers and Exotica are $25 each or if you pledge $40 or more you’ll get both sets. There are also add-ons that you can purchase as part you pledge such as sleeves,  the original Eminent Domain, Eminent Domain : Escalation, and ED : Microcosm. So far, every game we have played from the Eminent Domain series has been fantastic, so the Gameosity crew is excited for these two.

You can get more info on the Kickstarter Page as well as the current iteration of the rule book here.

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