Salvation Road In Its Final Hours On Kickstarter

The Kickstarter for Van Ryder Games’ Salvation Road is winding down, but they still need a little bit of help to fund their project. Salvation Road is a post-apocalyptic co-op game for 1-4 players. With disease, famine, death, and a little bit of war hot on your trail, you and your friends will have to journey to Salvation. The game has you exploring locations for resources, but as you search, events, such as a marauder assault, will trigger in ever increasing difficulty. To make progress in the game you need to fulfill the toll cards which will ask for supplies like food or fuel.

An example of the Toll Cards.

jessm Jess: The game reminds me a little of Dead of Winter, with the gathering of supplies and fulfilling of quests, but it seems there is no traitor mechanic so the game is completely co-op. The Kickstarter has a nice signature edition which includes engraved metallic dice and is signed by the designers. Van Ryder is also offering a “Last 48 Hour Bonus” which adds a custom Toll Die will be added to each Signature edition, so if you like custom dice (Yes, Andrew, stop drooling) then now is the time to invest.

The kickstarter ends in just 15 hours, so head on over to the Salvation Road page and check it out!

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