The Many Announcements of Origins: Part Deux

jessmJessica:  Hi everyone!  Today, we’re covering more of the awesomeness that came out of Origins this year!  Below the cut, we’ll look at games about famous inventors, medieval Spain, and high fantasy, as well as the list of Origins Award winners!  But to start with, one of our absolute favorite little-box area-control games is getting an expansion!

Gamelyn Games has announced their Tiny Epic Kingdoms Heroes’ Call Kickstarter. This expansion to Tiny Epic Kingdoms adds new territories, new mechanics, new factions, and more! The Kickstarter starts June 22.

Artana games was displaying their first production copies of Tesla vs. Edison, a game where you are an electric company mogul looking to dominate the world of electricity. You’ll need to hire workers, claim electric projects, buy and sell stock, and advance your technology to win the game.


Zman Games has announced the release date for the El Grande Big Box as November 2015. The 20th anniversary edition of El Grande comes with a double-sided game board and includes all previously published expansions


Stoneblade Entertainment is releasing Ascension Collector’s Edition Year 2 this November. The set will include the Storm of Souls & Immortal Heroes expansions. They are also bringing us Set 9 which it titled Ascension: Dreamscape. The expansion has some new mechanics and new card types to keep you on your toes.

Last up, the Origins Award Winners of 2015 have been announced! Congrats to all the winners!

jessmJessica:  We’ve got a bunch of the winners, and we love them, but there are actually a lot of games here we haven’t had a chance to play yet (I smell future reviews coming…)

There was so much happening at Origins I am sure we haven’t hit all of the exciting news that has come up. What was your favorite thing to come out of the convention this year?  If you have any announcements we missed let me know!

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