The Many Announcements of Origins

jessmJess:  Now that Origins is past, there is a lot of news about upcoming games. I can’t cover them all in one post, but lets see how many we can fit in!

First up…


Teen Titans fans are you ready to party? Cryptozoic is releasing Teen Titans Go! in July 2015. The game, based of the fun DC comic series, is a deck builder where you get to play as one of your favorite characters like Beast Boy, Raven, Wonder Girl, or Red Robin. You’ll build up your deck with attacks to kick some super villain butt.

arrow_crossoverpack_boxCryptozoic is also releasing a crossover pack as a T.V. tie-in for the show Arrow in Q3. Both games are compatible with the DC Comics Deck-building Game and can be mixed in for some epic crossover action.

Blue Orange showed off their new family board game, New York 1901. In the game you’ll be raising iconic skyscrapers in lower Manhattan. Designed by Chenier La Salle, New York 1901 plays 2-4 players and features the gorgeous art of Vincent Dutrait. The worldwide release is set for September 2015.


Haba introduced their 10th Anniversary Tin Edition version of Animal Upon Animal. In this classic game, kids,ages 4 and up, will roll a die to see how many animals they get to add to the ever-growing pile. Whomever gets rid of all of their animals first wins! The commemorative edition features a silver-painted alligator and embossed metal game tin that will retail for $21.99 in July 2015.


At Origins, WizKids and Nickelodeon announced they have partnered up to produce a few games based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You can expect to see TMNT HeroClix figures, and a TMNT Dice Masters coming out later this year.
WizKids also previewed their Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers Age of Ultron Starter Set that is coming out July 2015. It is a stand alone game, but can also be mixed with other Marvel Dice Masters products.
jessmJess: Whew! That’s a lof of stuff and there is still so much more! I need to take a break from all this excitement, but I’ll post up more of the exciting releases coming our way soon.

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