It’s Time to Put Up Your Fisticuffs!

The Nerdologues, a comedy group based in Chicago, has created a new game that is running on Kickstarter right now called Fisticuffs! It is a fighting card game for four to six players. The game is set in the alternative past of the 1920’s where the Baron Reginald Fistcuffington Smythe holds “Fisticuffs Bouts” on his flying airship. Each player picks a fighter, who comes with their own backstory and special move, and then loads up five cards from the Punch Card deck. Then players will take turns playing punches, blocks, or counters until someone gets knocked out.

According to the Kickstarter page the game comes with: “54 Punch Cards, 21 Rounds Cards, 8 Character Cards, 6 Reference Cards, 6 Life Counters, 1 Bell Token Card, Rules Sheet, and Our hopes and dreams.”

If you pledge $20 or more you’ll get the PDF print-and-play version of the game and a physical copy.

jessm Jess: The guys from Cards Against Humanity turned me onto this project and it looks like a quick fun game to pull out when you have a bunch of friends over. Just don’t let the betting get to crazy.

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