The Queen Wants a New Capital – Become Her Glorious Hero in Dice City!


Artipia Games and AEG has a new dice game coming out called Dice City. Queen Statisia of the Kingdom of Rolldovia has decided that, after a thorough ransacking by barbarians, the old capital just will not do anymore. She has put out a royal decree to the noble families of Rolldovia to promote their cities and try to establish them as the new capital.

jessm Jess: Methinks the barbarians are going to just head for the new capital, but hey, who’s asking me?

To encourage the Queen to pick your city, you’ll have to choose a strategy such as military might, building wonders, or showing off your lucrative trade routes. As you the locations in your city determine the faces of your die thus letting you craft your own luck.

Dice City is coming out October 2015! Until then you can amuse yourself with the rulebook or keep an eye on AEG for their upcoming tour of all the buildings on June 22nd.

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